Ursa Literary Review

The Ursa Literary Review is the annual literary publication of the graduate program in English at the University of Maine, Orono.

The Story of Ursa

You will notice something different about us this year. Something bold. Something… Latin.

After an inquiry from the Penobscot Nation, the editors of (previously) Stolen Island Graduate Literary Review thought seriously about our name. What does it mean to have a title that references a fraught historical event whose effects ripple still today? What does it mean for us editors to publish under a contestable name? And could we be committed to a name which, as an organizing force, holds us accountable to this legacy?

Our aim with this publication is to showcase cutting-edge work from writers and artists both here at the University of Maine and away. Our dedication is to art and the possibilities of writing in its myriad forms.  While art can and does often have a historical or political investment, we realize that this investment is not our primary intention in compiling this magazine. So we have listened seriously and we now present to you Ursa Literary Review.

The bear is a figure that, in its important presence in various cultures around the world, seems to sit deeply within the human psyche as a symbol of strength, resilience, and courage. The bears, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, smile down on this part of the world every night, being constellations that never dip below the horizon. And our guiding star, Polaris, inhabits Ursa Minor.  So it only seemed right that Ursa should also guide our magazine.



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