ENG 555: Literature of the Enlightenment

Prerequisite:  Graduate Standing or permission

Recent offerings:

(Fall 2016, Rogers)

From reason to violence, from innocence to rape, from sentiment to sadism, astounding change ignited the Restoration and eighteenth century, making this period a watershed that marks the transition from Renaissance to Modern.  This seminar will consider literature against the background of this historical change, inheritance, and influence. Works by Pope, Behn, Cavendish, Finch, Congreve, Dryden, Swift, Defoe, Richardson, Johnson, and Radcliffe, among others.  Both clarifying and complicating our understanding of the reflexive relationship between literature and politics, we will study literature in terms of gender, culture, genre, individualism, representation, and postcolonialism.

(Fall 2014, Rogers)

(Spring 2013, Rogers)