Awards and Honors | 2021-2022

At the end of every academic year the Department of English acknowledges the hard work and dedication of its students  through a variety of academic prizes and honors. The department also recognizes and celebrates students’ academic achievement throughout college life and upon graduation.

Bachelor of Arts in English

Heather Anderson
Will Bickford
Rosalie Bryson
Savy Butler
Maddie Clark
Lily Comeau-Waite
Cassidy Fraser
Maddy Gernhard
Elly Graham
Doyle Hagany
Bobby Hebert
Nicholas Jordan
Zoe Karpman
Keller Lessard
Cassie Lucci
Katie Luck
Max Medeiros
John Mersereau
Randy Nichols
Neill Peirce
Mikey Piatt

Master of Arts in English

Lydia Balestra

Matthew Hammond

Victoria Hood

Bill Koening

Kelby Mace

Rachele Tatosky

Sigma Tau Delta – Rho Chi Chapter Inductees

Abigail Boucher

Fallon Crossman

Molly Glueck

Julia Hills

Olivia Johnson

Shelby Larson

Hannah Mathieu

Paige McHatten

Aimee Ouellette

Sherralyn Robbins

Eddie Seeley

Camerin Seigars

Marla Tanous

Phi Beta Kappa – Delta Chapter Inductees

Emma V. Grous

Samantha A. Sudol

McGillicuddy Humanities Center Fellows

Benjamin Allen

April Messier

Sherralyn Robbins

Undergraduate Awards

The Milton Ellis 1908 – Outstanding Senior Award ~ Neily Raymond

The John W. & Muriel E. Houghton – Outstanding Senior Award Mina Helinski & Paige Oranje

College of Arts & Sciences Outstanding Graduating Senior in English ~ Lily Comeau-Waite

Roger B. Hill – Outstanding Juniors ~ Olivia Johnson

Writing Competitions

Abby Sargent Neese Kelly ’32 – Creative Writing Awards

Alexis Allard

Fallon Crossman

Kenyon Geiger

Erika Kay Isnor

Rachel Ouellete

Abigail Roberts


Steve Grady Prizes for Creative Writing

April Messier- BA Poetry First Prize

Marla Tanous- BA Poetry Second Prize


Iris LeCates- BA Fiction First Prize

Abigail Roberts- BA Fiction Second Prize


Lydia Balestra- MA Poetry First Prize

Walli Ullah- MA Honorable Mention


Haleigh Morgan- MA Fiction First Prize

Connor Ferguson- MA Fiction Second Prize


Clarine Coffin Grenfell ’32 ~ Poetry Prize

Rachel Ouellette, “The Windowsill”, First Prize, Traditional

Neily Raymond, “Pan”, First Prize, Experimental

Abigail Roberts, “i may be furious, but i am not you (well sometimes i am)”, Second Prize, Experimental

Iris LeCates, “airport poem”, Third Prize, Experimental 


Albert Morton Turner Prize in the Critical Essay

Esme Power- Conventional Essay

Iris LeCates- Experimental Essay


Judith A. Hakola Award in Professional & Technical Communication

Chloe Shields


The Robert C. Hamlet Prize for Playwriting

Katie Brayson, “For A Good Time, Call Oedipus” 

Scholarships Awarded

Nellie Ruth Pillsbury King Memorial Scholarship ~ John Mersereau 

Bartley Family Scholarship Fund ~ Hayden Friel & Katelynn Watson

George K. Manlove Scholarship Fund ~ Kenyon Geiger

Frances Pratt Caswell ’51 Scholarship ~ Erin Malcolm 

Carole Cassidy Matthews Scholarship ~ Myah Reed

Brenda and Larry Jacobs Scholarship Fund ~ Ava Bloom

Anita (Dolly) Bryand Scholarship Fund ~ Gabriella Shetreet 

Graduate Honors

2020-2021 ULRICH WICKS FELLOWS ~ Certificate in Teaching ~ Victoria Hood

Introduction of 2021-22 ULRICH WICKS FELLOWS ~ Benjamin Markey and Keaton Studebaker

Faculty and Staff Recognition


Dr. Ryan Dippre, promoted to Associate Professor with tenure

Elected to Faculty Senate

Carla Billitteri (2021-24)

Margo Lukens (2021-24)

Elizabeth Payne 

Deborah Rogers (2021 -24)


Dr. Naomi Jacobs, Professor of English (spring 2020)

Murray Callaway, Full-time Lecturer (spring 2020) 

Gail Sapiel, Business manager, Center for Poetry and Poetics (spring 2020)

In Memoriam

Dr. Virginia Nees-Hatlen (January 24, 1947 – October 11, 2020)