Awards and Honors | 2020-2021

At the end of every academic year the Department of English acknowledges the hard work and dedication of its students  through a variety of academic prizes and honors. The department also recognizes and celebrates students’ academic achievement throughout college life and upon graduation.

Bachelor of Arts in English

Paige Andersen
Corey Biggs
Gabby Brinkman
Jane Horovitz
Taylor Meidahl
Nick Murphy
Charles Nason
Ashley Paul
Sarah Penney
Nate Poole
Nola Prevost
Jillian Ramsey
Katherine Reardon
Alexandra Requena
Lindsey Ruggiero
Desiree Saucier
Keenan Soule
Arend Thibodeau
Hannah Winship
Gordon Woodin
Max Worgull

Master of Arts in English

Lydia Balestra

Matthew Hammond

Victoria Hood

Bill Koening

Kelby Mace

Rachele Tatosky

Sigma Tau Delta – Rho Chi Chapter Inductees

Kiara Andreozzi

Alexandria Fountain

Emma Grous

Erika Isnor

Forest King-Wilds

Iris LeCates

Rachel Ouelette

Nola Prevost

Neily Raymond

Katherine Reardon

Alexandra Requena

Shania Soler

Anne Stevens

Jacqui Weaver

Gordon Woodin

Jared Wright

Phi Beta Kappa – Delta Chapter Inductees

Sarah Penney

Nola Prevost

Shania Soler

McGillicuddy Humanities Center Fellows

Nolan Altvater

Brian Lamonica

Nola Prevost

Katherine Reardon

Undergraduate Awards

The Milton Ellis 1908 – Outstanding Senior Award ~ Nate Poole

The John W. & Muriel E. Houghton – Outstanding Senior Award  ~ Arend Thibodeau

College of Arts & Sciences Outstanding Graduating Senior in English ~ Sarah Penney

Roger B. Hill – Outstanding Juniors ~ Olivia Johnson & Neily Raymond

Writing Competitions

Abby Sargent Neese Kelly ’32 – Creative Writing Awards

Heather Anderson
Megan Ashe
Dakota Hutchins
Shania Soler
Samantha Sudol

Steve Grady Prizes for Creative Writing

Kenyon Geiger
April Messier
Neily Raymond
Shania Soler
Marla Tanous

Clarine Coffin Grenfell ’32 ~ Poetry Prize

Neily Raymond, “Seven Sennets,” 1st place, experimental
Margo Roberts, “Honest Conversation,” 1st place, formal
Olivia Lhundup-Zebo, “As I Knit,” 2nd place
Iris LeCates, “Heart Beats Dust,” 3rd place 

Albert Morton Turner Prize in the Critical Essay

Graduate level ~ Keaton Studebaker

Undergraduate level – Kevin Cass, Conventional Essay; & Neily Raymond, Experimental Essay

Millay Prize for Poetry – Graduate Level Competition

Adam Ray Wagner, First Place
Christopher Thomas, Second Place
Lydia Balestra, Honorable Mention
Keaton Studebaker, Honorable Mention
Dylan Morin, Honorable Mention

Judith A. Hakola Award in Professional & Technical Communication

Maeve Shea

The Robert C. Hamlet Prize for Playwriting

Charlotte Fisher 

Rezendes Essay Finalist

Sarah Penney

Scholarships Awarded

Nellie Ruth Pillsbury King Memorial Scholarship ~ Gabrielle Brinkman, Charles Nason & Rex Russell 

Bartley Family Scholarship Fund ~ Whitney Guy & Lauren Jamo

George K. Manlove Scholarship Fund ~ April Messier

Frances Pratt Caswell ’51 Scholarship ~ Keller Lessard 

Carole Cassidy Matthews Scholarship ~ Kassie Grover

Brenda and Larry Jacobs Scholarship Fund ~ Max Medeiros 

Anita (Dolly) Bryand Scholarship Fund ~ Sarah Penney 

Graduate Honors

2020-2021 ULRICH WICKS FELLOWS ~ Certificate in Teaching ~ Victoria Hood

Introduction of 2021-22 ULRICH WICKS FELLOWS ~ Benjamin Markey and Keaton Studebaker

Faculty and Staff Recognition


Dr. Ryan Dippre, promoted to Associate Professor with tenure

Elected to Faculty Senate

Carla Billitteri (2021-24)

Margo Lukens (2021-24)

Elizabeth Payne 

Deborah Rogers (2021 -24)


Dr. Naomi Jacobs, Professor of English (spring 2020)

Murray Callaway, Full-time Lecturer (spring 2020) 

Gail Sapiel, Business manager, Center for Poetry and Poetics (spring 2020)

In Memoriam

Dr. Virginia Nees-Hatlen (January 24, 1947 – October 11, 2020)