Danielle Gabrielli

Danielle Gabrielli

Lecturer III

Email: danielle.gabrielli@maine.edu

Phone: 207.581.9000

Office hours: By appointment

Hello! I am happily an adjunct professor at the University of Maine who teaches in the English Department and also in my home department of Education. I am currently working on finishing my doctoral degree and had chosen to explore English 101 as an opportunity for me to gain a better skill set overall in teaching English. Prior to entering the college scene 4 years ago, I was a PreK-12 Special Education teacher who taught for 15 years in the schools. My academic goals are to work as a professor as I absolutely enjoy working with college students, particularly in writing. My main focus is on “diversity and identity in writing” and I enjoy guiding students to find their own voice within the English 101 program.

Courses Taught:

English 101, EHD 101, EHD 202, EHD 320 – The one I am the most proud of are my English 101 courses this semester (Fall 2023). I have made the program mine and used adaptations from my experience in Special Education to help students learn more about their own identity and also more easily access the writing program.

Research Interests:

Diversity and Identity in College Freshmen


  • “Writing Wrongs: Lessons from Two Different Populations of Elementary Education Students” (Sept 2020)  Rebecca Buchanan , Karyn A. Allee-Herndon, Annemarie B. Kaczmarczyk Erica Adela Warren and Danielle Gabrielli (McKinney-Harris)
  • “Identifying and Responding to Linguicism: Toward a Conceptual Model” (Dec 2021) Authors: Timothy Reagan, Danielle Gabrielli, School of Learning and Teaching at The University of Maine
  • “Lessons Learned from Social Justice Assignments in Elementary Teacher Preparation” (April 2022) AERA Conference Presentation in San Diego Rebecca Buchanan, University of Maine Karyn Allee, Mercer University Annemarie Kaczmarczyk, SUNY Cortland Erica Warren, Mercer University Danielle McKinney-Harris, University of Maine
  • “Ineffective Reading Instructional Practices and What to Do Instead for All Students- Maine Education Association Publication” (July 2022) Sara Flanagan, Assistant Professor of Special Education Danielle Gabrielli, Doctoral Student, University of Maine


  • Literacy Student of the Year,
  • 3 Teaching Award nominations,
  • Diversity Trainer Certified,
  • Volunteer Trainer for Literacy Volunteers of Bangor,
  • Working in the Bangor Housing Projects for Family Literacy,
  • K-12 Special Education teacher Licensure,
  • and attending seminary school.