Kestrel Cross

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Office:  103 Neville Hall


Office hours – by appointment

Courses Taught

ENG 101: College Composition


Hi, I’m Kestrel (or Kes, whichever is easier!), and my pronouns are she/her. I graduated from UMaine’s undergrad English program in spring 2020. I’m predominantly a fiction writer, with a focus on horror as it intersects with mental health and the image of the body, informed by my own struggles with depression and gender dysphoria, though I have experience with multiple genres and genuinely enjoy picking apart literature and media in general. I’m also passionate about philosophy and understanding the human ability to learn and understand ourselves, the LGBTQIA+ community and how it intersects with daily life, the inherent politics and biases within the media we consume, and dogs! I was born in Colorado, though I spent my childhood all over the country, landing in Maine in 2000, where I’ve stayed for the past 20 years.