Harvey Kail

Emeritus Professor of English

E-mail: harvey.kail@maine.edu

Introduction: My primary interests are in writing centers; composition pedagogy, particularly peer tutoring and collaborative learning; and theories of composition.  I also have a research and teaching interest in maritime literature, and I love to teach poetry, fiction, and drama.

Education: B.A. and M.A. in English from the University of Toledo Ph.D. in English from Northern Illinois University

Professional Experience: Professor of English, University of Maine (l978 to present) Writing Center Director, Kishwaukee Community College (l977) Senior Tutor in Literature, University of Papua New Guinea (l974-l976)

Time at University of Maine: 30 years

Courses Taught


ENG 579: Theories of Composition


ENG 101: College Composition

ENG 129: Topics in English – Literature of the Sea

ENG 170: Foundations of Literary Analysis

ENG 212: Persuasive and Analytical Writing

ENG 222: Reading Poems

ENG 248: Literature and the Sea

ENG 395: English Internship

Selected Works:

Collaborative Learning, 3rd. ed., Blair Press, 2000

“Nothing Marginal About This Writing Center Experience: Using Research About Peer Tutor Alumni to Educate Others” in Marginal Words, Marginal Work?, Ed. William J. Macauley, Jr. and Nicolars Mauriello, Hampton Press, 2007. With Paula Gillespie and Brad Hu;ghes.

“Foreword” to classic edition of A Short Course in Writing: Composition, Collaborative Learning, and Constructive Reading. Kenneth A. Bruffee. Boston: Pearson/Longman.  2006.  With John Trimbur

“Peer Tutoring Theory and Practice: An Exportable Model?” in Proceedings of the 2003 European Association of Teachers of Academic Writing, ed. by John Harbord. CD Rom from the International Writing Centers Association Priess, 2004.

“Initiation, Separation, and Return: Tutor Training Manuals and Writing Center Lore.” in Writing Centers: Past, Present, Future, ed. by Joyce Kinkead and Michael Pemberton.  Utah University Press, 2004.

“Tutor Training and Writing Centers in Europe: Extending the Cross-Cultural Dialogue.” Writing Lab Newsletter 27.6 (February 2003), 5-8. With Paula Gillespie.

Current Research: My current research is in the global development of writing centers. I am also just completing a research project with colleagues at Marquette University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison on the value of peer tutoring for the peer tutors themselves after they graduate. Check out the Peer Tutor Alumni Research Project.

Current Activities: I’m working on an exchange program at the University of Education in Freiburg, Germany, for students in composition.

Interests: blues harmonica, sailing, hiking.