Leonore Hildebrandt

Lecturer III of English
5752 Neville Hall, Room 417
Orono, Maine 04469-5752

E-mail: leonore.hildebrandt@maine.edu

Website:  www.flatbaycollective.org.

Office Hours – Spring 2019

By appointment only.

Courses Taught

ENG 012: Remedial Writing

ENG 101: College Composition

ENG 114: Introduction to World Literature

ENG 205: Introduction to Creative Writing

ENG 222: Reading Poems

ENG 246: American Women’s Literature

ENG 353: Techniques of Poetry

ESL and Conversational German


I am happy to announce that my latest poetry collection Where You Happen to Be has just been published and is now available at Deerbrook Editions.

Find out more by going to my new website: http://leonorehildebrandt.com

To read a sample: https://e.issuu.com/embed.html#9201165/59785547

To order a copy: http://www.deerbrookeditions.com/where-you-happen-to-be/


Selected Publications


  • Where You Happen to Be. Deerbrook Editions, forthcoming.
  • The Next Unknown. Pecan Grove Press. September 2014.
  • The Work at Hand. Letterpress chapbook of poetry. Flat Bay Press/Stone Island Press, 2011.

Selected Poems

  • “Off Season,” Main Street Rag, forthcoming
  • “Stay Limber” and “Carry On,” RHINO, forthcoming
  • “The Ventriloquist and the Puppet,” Hydra Endures,” and “Nighthawks,” Sky Island Journal 6, Fall 2018, forthcoming
  • “Talk to Her” and “Song of Sixpence,” Cimarron Review, forthcoming
  • “When an Old Man Cries for Joy,” “Her Words,” “Ladies’ Man,” “Tender Talk,” and “The Sculptor.” Balancing Act 2an Anthology of Maine Women’s Poetry. Littoral Books, forthcoming
  • “Tinnitus,” Hawk and Whippoorwill Vol. 3, Nr 1, Summer 2018
  • “Blood Moon,” West Texas Literary Review, June 2018.
  • “Counterpunch,” Twisted Vine, Spring 2018. https://twistedvine.wnmu.edu/category/past-issues/?lang=en
  • “An Outlook,” Split Rock Review, 9, Fall 2017. https://www.splitrockreview.org/hildebrandt/
  • “Girl Upon a Time,” SWWIM, 23 October 2017. https://www.swwim.org/single-post/2017/10/23/Girl-Upon-a-Time
  • “Statistics” Cumberland River Review 6.4, Fall 2017. http://crr.trevecca.edu/article/statistics
  • “Verdurous Sentence,” Cumberland River Review 6.3 Summer 2017. http://crr.trevecca.edu/article/verdurous-sentence
  • “The Book’s Secret,” Sugar House Review 15, Spring/Summer 2017
  • “On the Way,” “Thinking Potatoes,” and “Terminal Moraine,” Three Nations Anthology, Resolute Bear Press 2017, edited by Valerie Lawson (print and ebook).
  • “Thinking Potatoes,” read on Maine Public Radio by poet laureate Stu Kestenbaum. http://mainepublic.org/post/thinking-potatoes.
  • “In the Bath,” The Maine Review, Vol 3, Number 1, 2017
    “Passing.” Harpur Palate (forthcoming).
    “The Sights from Below” and “Mammal.” Hotel Amerika, Vol 15, Winter 2017.
  • “Where the Lost Things Go,” Adanna 6, Fall 2016.
    “Subtexts,” “Naming Rights,” and “The Drum.” Indian River Review 4, Fall 2016.
    “Musical Notations” Mudlark, Poster No. 137, 2016.
  • “Blind Spots,” Lummox Press Anthology 5, Fall 2016.
  • “Offensive,” Narrative Northeast, 14 August 2016.
  • “Botanical Garden.” Kudzu Review  Vol. 5, Issue 4. Winter Solstice 2015.
  • “Sorting Photos.” Poetry Daily, Feb. 7, 2015. http://poems.com“Terminal Moraine.” Café Review, Vol. 26, Winter 2015.
  • “Where You Happen to Be.” The Fiddlehead, No. 262, Winter 2015.
  • “Milford Motel” and “Enfolded.” Off the Coast, Winter 2015.
  • “Begin Again.” Cafe Review, Vol 25, Winter 2014.
  • “The Shelter.” A collaboration with painter Heidi Daub. Split Rock Review, Issue 3, Summer 2014. http://www.splitrockreview.org/hildebrandtdaub
  • “SALT” and “Protecting Crocodiles.” The Milo Review, Summer 2014.
  • “On the Admiral’s Bridge.” Prick of the Spindle, Vol. 8.1, March 2014. http://www.prickofthespindle.com/poetry/8.1/hildebrandt/hildebrandt.html“Rock Me.” Gemini (First Prize in Open Contest), April 2013. http://www.gemini-magazine.com/ “collaboration.” Drunken Boat 18, 2013.
  • “On Days of Disorder,” “The Living,” “The Woman who Paints,” and “win-win.” Mudlark Flash 70 (2012). https://www.unf.edu/mudlark/flashes/hildebrandt.html
  • “Burnt Umber.” Cream City Review 36.1 (Spring/Summer 2012). http://www.otisnebula.com/otisnebula/ON4_LH_bio.html
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  • “Two Logs” The Spoon River Poetry Review 36.2. (Summer/ Fall 2011). Also online: http://www.srpr.org/past_issues/toc_36.2.php
  • “Of Angels and Hills” and “Postmodern in Heaven.” Salzburg Poetry Review. Spring 2011.
  • “The Next Unknown.” Drunken Boat 13. March 2011. http://www.drunkenboat.com/db13/1poe/hildebrandt/
  • “Spindrift and the Heart.” CAIRN: The St. Andrews Review 46 (2011).
  • “Out of Turbulence” and “Realities on Which the Word Hinges.” Puckerbrush Review 27.1 (Summer/Fall 2010).
  • “Bird in Space.” Quercus Review 10th Anniversary Edition (2010).
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  • “Jazz Night at the Museum.” Café Review 21. Spring 2010.
  • “Understanding: A Brief History” and “The Sound Man.” Denver Quarterly 43. 3 (2009).
  • “Calligraphy,” “Token,” and “Returning to the North Sea.” Puckerbrush Review 26.2 (Winter/Spring 2009). .
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  • “Sundial.” Puckerbrush Review 21. Summer/Fall 2001.

Work Reappearing in Anthologies and Recordings:

  • “Someone Blundered,” Waves Anthology, forthcoming
  • “Illusion in Blue,” A Walk with Nature: Poetic Encounters that Nourish the Soul, edited by Michael Moats, et al., forthcoming
  • “Buddha at the Crossroads,” In Verse: Maine Places and People, Sun Journal. Produced by Dennis Camire. June 24, 2018. http://www.sunjournal.com/in-verse-maine-places-and-people-72/
  • “Two Logs” Spire: The Maine Journal of Conservation and Sustainability, 2nd issue, UMaine
  • “Statistics,” In Verse: Maine Places and People, Sun Journal. Produced by Dennis Camire. Dec. 3, 2017. http://www.sunjournal.com/in-verse-maine-places-and-people-42/
  • “Where the Lost Things Go” and “Spindrift and the Heart,” Goose River Anthoogy, Fall 2017
  • “Thinking Potatoes,” and “Terminal Moraine,” Three Nations Anthology, Resolute Bear Press, 2017. Edited by Valerie Lawson (print and ebook).
  • “Thinking Potatoes,” read on Maine Public Radio by poet laureate Stu Kestenbaum. http://mainepublic.org/post/thinking-potatoes
  • “Thinking Potatoes,” Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram, the “Deep Water” column. http://www.pressherald.com/2017/06/11/deep-water-thinking-potatoes-by-lenore-hildebrandt/
  • “Thresholds,” and “Begin Again,” Pushing Boundaries/Breaking Barriers, wordrunner e-chapbook, March 2017 www.echapbook.com/anthology/boundaries/index.html
  • “Leaning Toward Recovery,” “The Examination,” and “My Seaweed Chest.” Uprooted: An Anthology of Gender and Illness. M. Winkelman ed. Fall 2015.
  • “Sorting Photos,” Poetry Daily, Feb. 7, 2015. http://poems.com
  • “Due East.” A Seaside Companion: A Year on the Coast of Maine. Tillbury House, 2008.


  • Bertolt Brecht, “To Those Who Come After.” Co-authored with Tony Brinkley. Ezra Translation. (forthcoming)
  • Rilke, “Cemetery by the Sea.” Co-authored with Tony Brinkley. Ezra Translation (forthcoming).
  • Rilke, “Duino Elegies: Fifth Elegy.” Translation and notes, co-authored with Tony Brinkley. Cerise Press 2.6 (Spring 2011). http://www.cerisepress.com/02/06/the-fifth-duino-elegy


  • “Editor’s Note,” The Catch: Writings from Downeast Maine, Volume 5, June 2017. http://digitalcommons.library.umaine.edu/the_catch/vol5/iss1/2
  • “Books in Brief: Selected Poems of Friedrich Hölderlin.”  Beloit Poetry Journal 61. 1 (Fall 2010).
  • “By Word of Mouth: Storytelling as a Performing Art.” The Maine Scholar 10. (Autumn 1997)



2017 Pushcart Nomination for “Thinking Potatoes”
2014 Pushcart nomination for “SALT”
2014 Michael Burke Professional Development Fund Award
2013 Pushcart nomination for “Rock Me”
2013 First prize in Gemini Poetry Contest for “Rock Me”  
2011 Women in the Curriculum grant to develop an online course:   American Women’s Literature
2011 Course grant by the Continuing Education Division and Summer University (CED/SU) for online teaching
2011 Poetry Award by the Maine Community Foundation
2010 Grant for poetry writing, Maine Arts Commission
2010 Poetry fellowship from the Elizabeth George Foundation
1997 Writing award and publication with The Maine Scholar
(Honors Program at the University of Maine System).


2018 Writing Instructor at “Open Door,” Haystack Mountain School of Crafts
2007 to present Editorial Board member, Beloit Poetry Journal
1991 to present Singer/songwriter, performing with various musical ensembles
2012 to present Editorial Board Member, Catch: A Literary Journal of Downeast Maine
2005 to 2014 Founder and host of the Maine Writers Series at UMM  
2010 Participant at Bread Loaf Writers Conference, Vermont
2010 Judge for Poetry Out Loud