Richard Brucher

Associate Professor Emeritus of English

Areas of specialization include Shakespeare and English Renaissance drama, modern American and British drama.

Teaching: In addition to courses on a wide range of dramatic subjects on both the undergraduate and graduate levels, Professor Brucher has taught extensively on technical writing and editing, and argument.

Selected Publications

  • “Prophecy and Parody in Edmond,” forthcoming in David Mamet: Gender and Genre, edited by Leslie Kane and Christopher Hudgins.
  • Review of Harry Keyesian’s The Shapes of Revenge: Victimization, Vengeance, and Vindictiveness in Shakespeare (Humanities Press, 1995), The Renaissance Quarterly, 50:2 (Summer 1997), 611-12.
  • “Pernicious Nostalgia in Mamet’s Glengarry Glen Ross, in David Mamet’s “Glengarry Glen Ross”: Test and Performance, ed. Leslie Kane (New York: Garland, Studies in Modern Drama, 1996).
  • Review of Daniel J. Kornstein’s Kill All the Lawyers? Shakespeare’s Legal Appeal (Princeton University Press, 1994), The Renaissance Quarterly, 49:1 (Spring 1996), 167-68.
  • “O’Neill, Othello and Robeson.” The Eugene O’Neill Review 18:1 & 2 (1994), 45-58. (Published in October 1995).