Sarah Harlan-Haughey

Associate Professor of English

309 Neville Hall
Office Telephone: 207.581.3816

Office Hours – Spring 2020

Tuesdays 3:30-4:30pm or by appointment

Medieval literature, Literature and the Environment, Folklore and Oral Traditional Studies


Graduate Courses:
Medieval Narrative
Reading Nature in Medieval England

Undergraduate Courses:
Literature and the Environment
Medieval Literature
Arthurian Literature
Chaucer and Medieval Literature
Foundations of Literary Analysis
Honors Civilizations 111-212
Texts and Contexts: The Saga
Robin Hood and other Outlaws

Classes Taught at other institutions:
Gods, Heroes and Monsters: Medieval Celtic Literature
Beyond the Round Table: Arthurian Literature, Medieval and Beyond
Viking Sagas: The Old Norse Epic
Under the Greenwood Tree: The Robin Hood Legend, from Medieval to Modern
Midsummer Night’s Weirdness: Seasonal Literature in the Middle Ages and Renaissance
The Personal Essay
Medieval Romance: Voyages to the Otherworld
Body, Mind, Health: Perspectives for Future Medical Professionals



The Ecology of the English Outlaw in Medieval Literature. Outlaws in Literature, History and Culture Series. Abingdon: Routledge, 2016.
Articles and Book Chapters:

“The Circle, the Maze, and the Echo: Sublunary Recurrence and Performance in Chaucer’s “Legend of Ariadne” in The Chaucer Review. Forthcoming Spring 2017.

“Forest Law through the looking glass: distortions of the Forest Charter in the outlaw fiction of late medieval England.” In After Runnymede: Revising, Reissuing, and Reinterpreting Magna Carta in the Middle Ages, a Bill of Rights Journal special edition, Volume 25 (2016-2017), Issue 2.

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