Sarah Harlan-Haughey

CLAS-Honors Preceptor

309 Neville Hall

Office Hours

By appointment


  • Ph.D., Medieval Studies, Cornell University, 2011.
  • M.A., Medieval Studies, Cornell University, 2008
  • B.A., English and Spanish, University of Montana, 2005

Areas of Specialization

Medieval Literature, renaissance literature, folklore, oral traditional studies, and literature and the environment.

 Classes Currently Being Taught 2013-2014

ENG 451: Chaucer & Medieval Literature

HON 111: Civilizations Sequence

ENG 170: Foundations of Literary Analysis

 Courses Taught at UMaine:

“Chaucer and Medieval Literature”

“Foundations of Literary Analysis”

“Honors Civilizations 111”

“Honors Civilizations 112″

Texts and Contexts”: The Viking Saga

“Reading Nature in Medieval England”

“Robin Hood and other Outlaws”

Classes Taught at Other Institutions:

“Gods, Heroes and Monsters: Medieval Celtic Literature”

“Beyond the Round Table: Arthurian Literature”

“Encountering Nature in Medieval England”


“Under the Greenwood Tree: The Medieval Outlaw Tradition”

“Old Norse Saga”

“Midsummer Night’s Weirdness: Seasonal Literature in the Middle Ages and Renaissance”

“The Personal Essay”

“Medieval Romance: Voyages to the Otherworld”

“Body, Mind, Health: Perspectives for Future Medical Professionals”