Welch Everman

Welch Everman, Professor of English, was a popular teacher of fiction writing as well as topics ranging from Samuel Beckett to horror films. Welch played jazz trumpet around town and was one of the first faculty in the department to teach online. Welch taught at the University of Maine from 1987-2004. He also served a term as Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

In addition to The Harry and Sylvia Stories, his books included:

  • Cult Horror Films: From Attack of the 50 Foot Woman to Zombies of Mora Tau (Citadel Film Series), 2000
  • Cult Science Fiction Films: From the Amazing Colossal Man to Yog : The Monster from Space (Citadel Film Series), 1995
  • Who Says This?: The Authority of the Author, the Discourse, and the Reader (A Chicago Classic), 1988
  • Jerzy Kosinski: The Literature of Violation (Milford Series, Popular Writers of Today), 1991