This Week in English | December 10 – 16, 2018

Students Stage Scenes Shakespeare Could Have Written, but Didn’t

This week in Caroline Bick’s 300-level course on Shakespeare, students will be presenting their group performance projects. They’ve been working for the past six weeks in groups of four to research, plan, script, and finally perform an off-stage scene or a bit of pre-history from one of  the plays we studied this semester. Some of the scenes that groups will be presenting include: what Hermione and Paulina have been up to for sixteen years in The Winter’s Tale; what happened during the bed-trick in All’s Well That Ends Well; and why Iago is so intent on breaking up Othello and Desdemona’s marriage.

McGillicuddy Humanities Center Recognizes English Majors

English majors Kimberly Crowley and Nicholas Rotter-Weller will be among this academic year’s inaugural cohort of MHC Undergraduate Fellows as recently announced by the Center’s director Margo Lukens.

The McGillicuddy Humanities Center Undergraduate Fellows program offers junior and senior humanities students the support needed to concentrate on their coursework and develop research projects, work collaboratively with a select group of peers, participate in interdisciplinary humanities programs, and gain professional skills. Fellows attend, help plan, and promote the Center’s various programs, putting them in meaningful contact with their peers and faculty, as well as the public. Fellows also act as student representatives of the Center’s mission on campus and in the community.

Kimberly Crowley is developing a project on poetry and therapy under the supervision of Dr. Jennie Woodard.

Nicholas Rotter-Weller is working on plays of the Cold War period under the supervision of Dick Brucher.

The Center also recently recognized the work of Micah Valliere, who received an Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Fellowship in support of his translation from the Latin of the famous Cupid and Psyche scene in Apuleius’s The Golden Ass. Ben Friedlander is advising.

Celebrating Poet Emily Dickinson  

On December 12, the UMaine Bookstore will host the 12th annual celebration of poet Emily Dickinson’s birthday (which is actually today) in an event starting at 4pm. For more information, contact organizer Kathleen Ellis.

Routine Department Business

I will be out of the office from Tuesday until the end of the week. I will be checking e-mail and voice mail regularly but my ability to respond immediately will be limited.

Ellen Manzo will also be away from her desk from after lunch on Tuesday through the end of the week.  

For help with routine advising, students are encouraged to work with their faculty advisors. The CLAS advising center is also a resource. For more urgent matters, contact Michelle Gayne (1-1987) or Associate Dean Michael Robbins (1-3844) in the Dean’s office.

The Department met on Thursday, December 7. Minutes are forthcoming.

The Peer Committee, chaired by Richard Brucher and consisting of tenured members of the faculty, meets on Thursday, December 13, at 3:30pm in the Hatlen Room.

The Undergraduate Studies Committee, chaired by Ben Friedlander, meets on the Monday of finals week, December 17, at 11am in a room to be determined.


The last week of classes can be stressful. The university has a wide slate of events to help students, including a “de-stress fest” in the Coe Room on Wednesday.

Rock steady, everybody.



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