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This Week in English | Jan. 25-Feb. 3

Neville is alive again after the Winter Break—though some instructors taught classes online over the months of December and January. Interns in ENG and WGS are reaching out into the community to get their projects in place, classes are digging into the subject matter after a snowy first week, and we are all gearing up for […]

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This Week in English | Nov. 28 – Dec. 5

Neville is buzzing as we move toward our last week of class for the semester. In classes, students prepare presentations, papers, and exams. Outside class, 101 portfolios and paperwork stream into the English office, instructors haul in treats and snacks for their last classes, and we all turn our minds towards that last week of […]

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This Week in English | Nov. 18-27

Here’s wishing all and sundry a very happy Thanksgiving; we hope you travel safely if you are, and enjoy time with friends and loved ones. There’s not much happening outside the classroom at this time of the semester, but lots happening in classes as presentations, papers, and exams are prepared. Nevertheless, here’s a little news for our community:   […]

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