Faculty Spotlights

Luke Redington

As a technical communication scholar interested in rhetoric and style, I’m always wrestling with the following question: How do experts in technical fields build (or break) trust as they communicate with public audiences? For example, one of my past projects investigated how scientists earn the trust of jurors when they testify as experts in homicide […]

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Elizabeth Neiman

I study the British Romantic period (roughly 1790 to 1820). We used to think of this period as dominated by six male poets (Blake, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Byron, Keats, and Shelley) , but we now know it was a diverse landscape of writers, male and female, poets, critics, and novelists. Of course the canonical six are […]

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Caroline Bicks

I’m currently working on a project that brings together my interests in Shakespeare, gender, and the teenage brain. I’d been thinking for a long time about all of the teenage girls in Shakespeare’s plays, many of whom are explicitly marked as being fourteen, or almost fourteen (Juliet, Viola, and Miranda to name a few). Why […]

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Woman and two children standing in front of flat marshland, with water and mountains behind

Laura Cowan

Dear Prospective Graduate Students – If you come to the University of Maine, you will find that we have a strong cadre of Modernist scholars connected to our Poetry and Poetics Program and also remarkable scholars teaching in our Gender and Literature Program. I am currently drawing on the modernist and feminist strands of the […]

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Jennifer Moxley

What I’m Working On I am presently at work on my second book of essays. My first, There Are Things We Live Among, explored angles of human empathy with the object world. The long affinity between birds and poetry is the organizing theme of this new collection, as well as those avian souls that have played a […]

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Sarah walking in the hills

Sarah Harlan-Haughey

  Hi, I’m Sarah, and I specialize in Medieval Literature here at UMaine, part of a strong interdisciplinary core of scholars of the Medieval and Early Modern in literature and related humanities fields. Although I deal with diverse subjects and languages, I prefer to think of myself as a synthesist rather than a generalist; that is, the kind […]

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